Vegetable Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

admin | June 24, 2015 | Juicing For Weight Loss

Vegetables are very essential to human diet and also to some animals. Vegetable is the primary source of some minerals and nutrients that are noted to be beneficial to the human body especially when losing weight. There are some vegetables that contain high amounts of chemicals that naturally absorb extra fat deposits in the body. Usually, vegetable juicing recipes for weight loss are very easy, fun and exciting to make.

vegetable juicing recipes for weight lossIn the current setting of our society, many people disregard vegetables as an effective natural slimming agent due to the increasing number of synthetic medicines and supplements for weight loss. In reality, the most convenient and cost efficient way of losing weight is by consuming vegetables on a daily basis depending on a person’s condition.

Carrot Splash : To prepare this flavourful juice, you need one and one half carrots, one cup of pineapples to add flavor and taste and one teaspoon of cinnamon bark to add aroma. This will serve as a glass of drink and it is ideal for those who are not a fan of working out in the gym or even at home. Carrot Splash contains enough L-Carnitine (slimming enzyme) to easily burn some excess unhealthy fats. This drink is suggested to be done in a blender since carrots are very fibrous and difficult to juice.

Windy Cool Juice : This is another wonderful vegetable juicing recipe, each glass contains one cup of black pepper, one half cup of green bell peppers, two potatoes and one half cup of water. This recipe might sound disgusting but black peppers and bell peppers have a small amount of chemicals that help you stay in shape. In this recipe, you can add some natural flavoring agents like real strawberries, mangoes or oranges.

Hearty Mary : This is another delightful vegetable juicing recipe that is guaranteed to make your taste bud go wild ! To prepare a glass of the recipe you will need three fresh big red tomatoes, one half glass of water, one fourth glass of coconut juice and natural fruit flavoring but it is optional. A natural fruit flavoring is intended to minimize the sour taste of tomatoes although a little coconut juice is present, you could still put a little flavoring twist to your juice.

Purple Holiday : Purple Holiday is one of these other wonderful vegetable juicing recipe which i definitely recommend for everyone.Each glass contains three whole eggplants, one half cup of water and one fourth cup of watermelon juice to sweeten a little. If you want a healthy fat-burner summer drink then this is the right recipe to enjoy the summer heat. This recipe is best served chilled and best to drink when outdoors.

Jucoli (Juice of Coli) : Last recipe but not the least is the Jucoli. To prepare a glass of the recipe you will need half a bunch of fresh broccoli , one half glass of water and one fourth cup of lime juice. This kind of recipe is also ideal for the summer season but good to drink during the season of spring because of its appetizing taste and motivating effect.

Trying these recipes at home with your family and friends and including them in your daily diet would surely help you achieve the body that you ever wanted. Remember exercise and some healthy vegetable juicing for weight loss is the perfect couple for the perfect body.

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