Juicing For Weight Loss – Benefits

admin | June 5, 2015 | Juicing For Weight Loss

juicing for weight lossWhenever one thinks of weight loss one thinks of the following aspects:

1. What to eat?

2. How much to eat?

3. Will I get the necessary nutrients required for proper functioning of my body?

4. Will it harm my health in any way? There is one solution which has very less side-effects and which is actually recommended by many nutritionists – JUICING!

What is juicing and it’s benefits:

Juicing is the action of drinking pure juices of important fruits and vegetables instead of cooking them. Usually, juicing is to be carried out for a few days till your system feels refreshed and ready to begin anew. Let us take a look at the benefits of juicing:

*You get all the healthy and essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in proper amounts

*You can promote your health by taking in the essential nutrients instead of consuming harmful junk food

*It helps in detoxification of the whole body

*It strengthens the immune system, regulates the metabolism and purifies the blood

*It is much easier and convenient to drink juices rather than eating them cooked

*It is even more easier and convenient to actually prepare the juices rather than cooking them

*It cleanses not only your body but also your mind by giving you peace and relief from ailments

How to go about juicing:

STEP 1: You need to get yourself a very good juicer which will grind everything that is fed into it into a nice fluid.

STEP 2: Go and buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the market

STEP 3: Carefully wash them in warm water and also wash the juicer properly before every use

STEP 4: Make delicious and nutritious juices and drink to your heart’s content

Which fruits and vegetables to consider for juicing:

The major advantage of juicing is that you can make a combination of varied fruits and vegetables to make your juices more healthy or even tastier. Here are a few options you may try out:

1. Leafy green vegetables

2. Cranberries

3. Pomegranates

4. Cucumber

5. Apple

6. Orange

7. Carrot

You may even add some healthy oils like olive oil or walnut oil to add some healthy fat to your juices. You can also make a mixture of your own choice of fruits and vegetables when juicing for weight loss.


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