Non Constipating Iron: Floradix Liquid Iron Formula

admin | November 19, 2015 | Dietary Health Supplement

non constipating ironIf you have ever had the feeling of being overly fatigued even though you’ve had a good 8-hour sleep the night before, or if you have ever experienced uncommon difficulty in walking up and down a flight of stairs despite the fact you are physically fit, perhaps you are experiencing a lack of iron in the body.

Although iron deficiency is not highlighted as a worldwide concern in the media nowadays, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), iron deficiency ranks as the most common nutrient deficiency (up to date). Iron deficiency affects a large quantity of women and children in currently developing countries, and is the only nutrient deficiency still rampant in developed countries. 2 billion people around the globe suffer from anemia caused by iron deficiency. In underprivileged communities, infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, various worm infections, tuberculosis, and malaria worsen anemia.

What role does iron play in the body and why is iron deficiency a concern? The importance if iron is that it participates intensely in the transportation of oxygen throughout the different parts of the body. Hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that binds with oxygen, is primarily made of iron. As a matter of fact, the majority (approximately 70%) of iron in the whole body is found in hemoglobin. Therefore, a lack of iron will lead to a deficiency in healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells, and this condition is called iron deficiency anemia. This explains why fatigue is a symptom of iron deficiency: the less iron in your body, the fewer healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells, therefore, oxygen is not efficiently transported to the many cells that need it, and the body feels tired or exhausted more often than individuals with normal iron levels.

This lack of oxygen circulating in the body can affect various integral functions in the body such as brain activity and may prove to be detrimental if not treated. It is also very dangerous for pregnant women to suffer from iron deficiency as it may cause complications in the pregnancy and increase the risk of a premature birth. Aside from playing an integral role in distributing oxygen throughout the whole body, iron is also responsible in keeping healthy cells such as hair, skin and nails, which are physical features that have to be maintained for aesthetical purposes.

It is then important that a steady supply of iron is met on a day-to-day basis in order to sustain a healthy oxygen flow inside the body and stay physically healthy. Iron requirements vary from one person to the other, taking into consideration the age, gender, and current health status of a particular individual. Because the tiny bodies of infants and toddlers are undergoing rapid growth, iron requirements are much higher compared to adults whose growth and development is reduced.

Administering iron supplements such as ferrous sulfate regularly treats iron deficiency, however, ferrous sulfate is known to cause constipation and the continuous use of this medication is often stopped due to the discomfort caused by the side effect. Since then, other forms of iron sources have been formulated to prevent constipation to those who regularly need iron supplements. Constipation occurs during iron supplement medication due to the effect of iron in the natural gut flora inside the intestines: iron disrupts the balance between the good bacteria found inside the intestines (the kind that aids absorption in the intestines) and pathogenic bacteria, causing fecal impaction in the intestines, thus the constipation.

It is important to note that there are two different types of iron sources: heme and non-heme irons. Non-heme iron sources such as vegetables, dairy products, and iron supplements are considered non-organic and are notorious for having reduced absorbability in the body and may induce constipation. Since non-heme iron is not bound to hemoglobin, the substance is not easily absorbed into the body and this causes constipation.

On the other hand, heme sources of iron such as beef liver are considered to be organic and are noted to be non constipating iron sources due to its easy absorbability. The iron found in heme sources are much more absorbable compared to non-heme irons, thus reducing constipation.

A heme-iron supplement such as Floradix Liquid Iron Formula is the best liquid iron supplement that certifies the best absorbed iron supplement and non constipating iron supplement from iron gluconate. Floradix Liquid Iron Formula contains iron, Vitamins B6 (pyridoxine) and B12 (cobalamine) to support hemoglobin formation, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that increases iron absorption in the body, and Vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Additional natural extracts from fruits and vegetables give Floradix Liquid Iron Formula a very palatable flavor.

The advantage of drinking a liquid supplement is that the vitamins are already dissolved and absorption is much easier as compared to drinking a tablet form of supplement. This supplement is also free from preservatives, alcohols, and artificial food colorings or flavorings. Since pregnant women need a great deal of iron to support the growth and development of their babies, it is guaranteed safe for expectant mothers.

Various satisfied users of Floradix Liquid Iron Formula currently prescribed to the liquid medication gave their honest and insider Floradix review on the Amazon webpage. A veteran undergoing iron deficiency treatment for 5 months now noted a gradual increase in wellbeing and an improvement in stamina after taking Floradix Liquid Iron Formula after 6 weeks. Another reviewer discussed how he is very much inclined to the flavor of the medication due to its natural flavoring from fruits and vegetables.

Another user commented: “Wonderful formula. With 3 days I’ve always come from the lowest state of health into a brand new person. There is nothing like it.” Needless to say, there are many satisfied patients undergoing iron deficiency treatment with Floradix Liquid Iron Formula who are experiencing a general improvement in wellbeing because of the enhanced circulation of oxygen within the body due to the healthy red blood cells produced by normalized levels of iron. Floradix’s unique liquid formula really is the best non constipating iron supplement available in the market because it targets the need of iron without the unwanted side effect of constipation.

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