Juice Fasting for Weight Loss – Does Juice Fasting Really Work?

admin | June 16, 2015 | Juicing For Weight Loss

juice fasting for weight lossMost diets focus on what you should not eat, and some diets count the calories you should eat. But a better approach is to focus on Juice fasting for weight loss and for healing body detoxification. Juice Fasting is usually safe but it takes longer time to get the same results than the other diet, but it gives milder detoxification reactions, and you don’t have to be confined to a bed.

It is the best choice available because it all depends on the juices. You must have the right qualifications, amount of fruits and it must be carb-controlled. It will give excellent result in the future. There is a minimum, and a maximum amount of intake. As a rule, drink at least twenty ounces of juice per day, divided into small portions.

In European clinics it is common to drink the vegetable juice fifty percent diluted with water. When it comes to individual differences, the quality differs more than the amount. Organic is better because less toxins mean less energy-waste. Sleep is essential because it is mainly during sleep that your body will remove diseases as well as achieve weight loss and the body recharges its energy.

There are many types of juices involved in juice diets. One must know what kinds of juices are best, and which combinations are effective. The types of vegetables and fruits that may include in a juice are Greens, Cruciferous vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, and Rootcrop vegetables.

A diuretic can be beneficial to Juice fast because it is a medication or chemical that promotes the elimination of fluid in the body. This can lead to an accelerated metabolism that potentially flushes out the fatty deposits that may lodge themselves on cells. Diuretics break down fatty deposits into small chunks and make it easier for your body to flush these nasty little things out of your body.

Side effect depends on how overweight and toxic you are, fasting side effects may include: skin eruptions and boils, dizziness and headaches. You may have bad breath, a metallic taste in your mouth and very strong body odor. Nausea, fever, weakness, irritability, diarrhea, vomiting, white paste-like film in the tongue, headaches and dizziness are all symptoms related to fasting and detoxification. It is better to consult your doctor to see your health conditions before you start this diet.

Recipe : Asparagus Juice

Asparagus contains the chemical asparagines. This is an alkaloid that stimulates the kidneys and improves the circulatory process. These alkaloids directly affect the cells and break down fat. It also contains a chemical that helps remove waste from the body by breaking up oxalic acid; this acid tends to glue fat to cells and by breaking up the acid, it will reduce fat levels.

Asparagus can be added to any vegetable juice but it is good when mixed with apples and/or carrots. Suggested proportions are one cup of asparagus to two apples (to sweeten).

There is no need to trim off the bottoms of the asparagus spears or to peel the apples. However do wash and core the apples to remove any trace of pesticides and seeds and rinse the asparagus. Put the ingredients in your juicer and off you go. You might like to try adding a little lemon juice. Juice fasting is good for weight loss but if you decided to engage in this procedure, patience is required.

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