Royal Jelly: Its Benefits and Side Effects

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Royal jelly is a milky substance produced by honeybee workers. It is named as such because the word “royal” pertains to its exclusivity to the queen bee and future queen bees only while the word “jelly” is used to describe the consistency of this secretion. Royal jelly is the main food of the queen bee. It also promotes optimal growth and development not only of the queen bee but also her progeny.

Royal jelly’s composition is 60-70% water, around 12-15% proteins, with 10-16% sugar, 3-6% fats and 2-3% amino acids, salts and vitamins. Yet, the health benefits of royal jelly surpass other medicines and supplements. To some, the numerous reported and recorded health benefits could seem too good to be true. Here are just some of those health benefits.

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  1. Restores vitality, strength, and energy. People experiencing unexplained chronic fatigue, recovering from diseases, and feeling asthenia or abnormal physical weakness are recommended to take a royal jelly supplement to boost physical strength, vitality, and energy as well as to increase the endurance of the body.

  2. Enhances the immune system. Royal jelly also plays a vital role in protecting individuals from attacks of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful organisms. It provides a natural shield to the body, hence preventing the entry of foreign bodies that may be harmful to the body. In the event that these hazardous get inside the body, royal jelly could stimulate the production and release of substances that would fight these elements. royal jelly health benefits

  3. Promotes growth and development. Children and adolescents would enjoy optimal increase in growth, both in height and weight, when they take royal jelly supplements. Physical growth is achieved as appetite stimulation is one of the royal jelly health benefits. Also, royal jelly is packed with vitamins and minerals, all essential elements needed to go, grow, and glow.

  4. Acts as an aphrodisiac. Royal jelly benefits include improving the sex life of an individual by combatting impotence and stimulating desire and libido. It is also believed to be effective against infertility.

  5. Treats various medical conditions. Royal jelly benefits are extensive when it comes to the prevention and treatment of different medical disorders. These include diabetes, hypertension, insomnia, tinnitus or ringing in the ears, chronic respiratory disorders, cardiovascular diseases among other things.

  6. Makes one look and feel younger. Royal jelly’s anti-aging property helps fight the body’s natural tendency to develop wrinkles and show signs of aging. It provides a glowing and smooth skin, thick and healthy hair, plus strong bones, making one look younger than his actual age.

  7. Prevents cancer. Although this benefit is yet to be scientifically proven and accepted as true, royal jelly’s antioxidant action plus its essential role in the maintenance of healthy functioning of all the systems in the body are strong reasons to convince people that this claim is possible. Hence, further studies and researches are being undertaken to discover the full potential of this supplement against the incurable cancer.

  8. Enhances memory. Cerebral function is also improved with royal jelly, which leads to increased capacity to concentrate. This, in turn, improves a person’s retention and memory.

  9. Promotes relaxation. Stress, when not managed properly, can cause numerous negative effects to the body such as poor immune system, upset stomach, cardiovascular symptoms such as chest pain, palpitations and hypertension, to name just a few. Royal jelly benefits include stimulation of the desire to live and be active, combat stress, and maintain peace and tranquility in the midst of stress. It is also effective in making one sleep better, thus giving both the body and mind enough rest.

  10. Promotes healing and recovery through its antibacterial, antibiotic, and anti-infective properties. Infections and its complications are avoided when royal jelly is included in one’s daily supplementation regimen.

These are just some of the royal jelly health benefits that people have already experienced. There are a lot more benefits that have yet to be proven by scientific studies before they are regarded as truth.

However, as with all things, there are side effects in using royal jelly. Among the common effects are allergies. People who are prone to allergies should check the contents or the composition of the supplement that they intend to take. Some of the ingredients of royal jelly supplements could cause allergic reactions as mild as minor rashes to as serious as severe anaphylactic shock that can lead to death if no medical action is immediately administered.

To avoid allergic reactions in people who are not certain if they have allergy to royal jelly contents, small doses should be taken at first. If there are no untoward reactions, the doses can be increased gradually until the person reaches the required dose.

Other royal jelly side effects involve negative interaction with other drugs. Royal jelly can affect the potency of drugs and prevents them from giving the body the benefits they are formulated for. Those who are taking various medications for existing ailments or health conditions should consult their primary health care provider before taking supplements containing royal jelly.

There is not enough information to declare royal jelly as safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. Therefore, precaution is advised and the supplement is not to be taken to ensure the safety of both the mother and her baby.

Reports of fatal side effects are very rare. However, these are some of the reported side effects of those who have consumed royal jelly supplements.

  • Skin disorders such as hives, rashes and eczema

  • Cough

  • Increase in heart rate

  • Gastrointestinal upsets and nausea

  • Feeling of light headedness

As soon as anything unusual is felt after taking royal jelly, the person is advised to stop taking it and to report immediately to the doctor. The person must wait for the doctor’s go signal before he or she attempts to take royal jelly again.

The benefits of royal jelly are truly numerous. On the other hand, the side effects are limited, but can be severe if the supplement is not taken properly. Gaining maximum benefits from taking supplements containing royal jelly is possible with the right guidance and preparation.


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