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Coral calcium is basically calcium carbonate, and is popularly utilized in the form of dietary coral calcium supplements. Coral calcium is mined from the coral reefs and is usually ground into a fine powder and subjected to heat. Initial scientific research suggests that coral calcium, specifically the Japanese Okinawa coral calcium, may provide benefits for human health. However, before trying to cure, treat or prevent any type of health condition with the use of coral calcium, make sure to first seek the advice of your physician.

health benefits of coral calciumCoral is composed of small animals associated with jellyfish and sea anemones, which produces a hard protective skeleton made of calcium carbonate. When a coral dies, new generations of coral thrives on top of the remains, forming a coral reef in the long run.

Majority of the hype about the benefits of coral calcium stems from the fact that most of them came from coral in Okinawa, Japan. The Japanese people in Okinawa are believed to have the longest life expectancy in the entire world and have lower risk of cancer and heart diseases. Manufacturers of coral calcium incorporate it to the drinking water. However, researchers involved in the Okinawa Center Study opposed this claim, contending that hard water (water which contains loads of minerals such as magnesium and calcium) may boost the intake of calcium. Okinawans however still take less calcium than people living in Western nations.

Benefits of Coral Calcium

Preliminary studies reveal the following health benefits of coral calcium:

  1. Longer Life Span – coral calcium has been strongly related to longer life spans among some ethnic groups. For instance, Okinawans and people native to the mountainous areas of Pakistan live longer than average. According to scientific observation, one of the most important contributing factors is the consumption of minerals. In these areas, coral calcium is one of the common sources of minerals that the people have; this is according to a study published in the “Townsend Letter” in July 2008.

  2. Better Bone Formation

One of the most interesting benefits of coral calcium is its ability to promote better bone growth. In a study featured in the 2010 edition of the “Journal of Oral Implantology”, it was indicated that bone tissue was developed in the presence of coral calcium. The researchers implanted grafts containing coral calcium with steel rods into the bones of test rats that resulted to increased bone growth compared to the control group. At the end of the trial, the experts reported that bone growth was improved by about 35 percent.


  1. Prevention of Accelerated Senescence

The occurrence of accelerated senescence or rapid aging can be prevented with the use of coral calcium. In the 2009 edition of the “Biomaterials” a study was featured which concluded that coral calcium may help provide protection against rapid aging in the brains of test rats. The supplementation of coral calcium worked effectively by influencing the processes of the genes that are involved with cellular preservation.

  1. Induce Relaxation and Improve Sleep

According to experts from the Aichi Syukutoko University in Japan, coral calcium may help improve sleep and promote better relaxation. The study indicated a considerable increase in the total alpha-1 wave activities among students who took coral-treated water, as against participants who took regular tap water. In addition to this, the brain’s alpha-2 wave activity also increased with the use of coral-treated water. These outcomes show that coral calcium have a tendency to cause the brain to better relax.

  1. Antioxidant Properties

Coral calcium was found to be a powerful antioxidant in a 2009 study published in “Biomaterials”. Antioxidants are crucial components of overall wellness, mostly because they serve important functions at the cellular level, hence lowering the chances of diseases in general. When the cells utilize oxygen molecules to synthesize energy, they release toxic derivatives, which are commonly known as free radicals. These toxic compounds attack the healthy cells in the body, which then results in disease and sickness. The antioxidants work to counter this by attaching themselves to the free radicals and thus preventing them from killing or damaging the healthy cells.

  1. Addressing Digestive Problems

A recent research involved the incorporation of coral calcium into chewing gym. A study conducted by a Japanese physician by the name of Dr. Mori from the Institute of Clinical and Pharmacokinetic Study involved 9 patients suffering from heartburn and 8 patients suffering from non-specific abdominal concerns. During the trials, all 9 patients suffering from heartburn reported complete symptomatic improvements. On the other hand, 25 percent of the patients suffering from non-specific digestive problems have reported improvement in their symptoms. The remaining participants reported lesser degrees of improvement in their symptoms. Coral calcium seems to have acid-neutralizing qualities and can actually treat most digestive concerns.

Coral Calcium Side Effects

Individuals who have shellfish allergies should avoid coral calcium supplements. In addition to this, not all the trace elements contained in coral calcium such as mercury, uranium and cadmium are considered safe or desirable.

There are worries that coral calcium, just as like other natural sources of calcium carbonate (such as bone meal, dolomite and oyster shells), may contain toxic amounts of lead.

Bear in mind that coral calcium supplements have not been evaluated for safety. In addition to this, dietary coral calcium supplements are generally unregulated. In certain cases, the product may even provide doses which differ from what is indicated for each type of herb. In some instances, the product may contain contamination such as heavy metals. Furthermore, the safety of these products for use in nursing mothers, pregnant women, children and individuals who are suffering from health conditions or who are using other medications has not been established.

Using Coral Calcium for Health

Because of limited research, it may be too soon to suggest the use of coral calcium supplements for a particular health purpose. It is essential to note that self-treating any health condition and delaying or avoiding standard healthcare may lead to serious consequences. If you are considering taking coral calcium supplements, make sure to seek the advice of your doctor first.

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