Iodine Supplements – Benefits

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Iodine supplements provide vital minerals for a wide range of functions in your body. It regulates the functioning of various parts of your body, and so any slight deficiency can be fatal. Goiter is the most popular condition associated with iodine deficiency. However, the human body is not capable of producing iodine. This is why most countries recommend that traces of iodine be added to the common table salt. It is thus important for you to take iodine supplements in order to stay healthy. The following are the benefits derived from iodine supplements…

iodine supplements benefitsBenefits of Iodine Supplements

Iodine supplements boost the functioning of thyroid glands. 80 per cent of iodine is found in thyroid glands where it regulates the production of various hormones. Absence of this mineral leads to impaired functioning of thyroid glands, often characterized by weight gain, fatigue and dry skin. Iodine supplements also play a major role in preventing the growth of certain cancerous tumors. It protects the breast tissue from developing cancer cells, thus reducing the risk of developing breast cancer. It can also be used to supplement breast cancer therapy. Consumption of the recommended daily allowance of iodine during pregnancy has been found to have positive impacts on the development of the embryo. Women who consume 150 mg of iodine daily during pregnancy give birth to health and intelligent children. Their children also acquire language very easily, and have low chances of developing hearing loss and brain damage later in life. Normally, you are required to take 150 mg of iodine every day. the following are the best iodine supplements.

The Best Iodine Supplements

The following is a list of the best iodine supplements according to their effectiveness:

• Transformative nano-colloidal detoxified iodine. This supplement is non-toxic, and all excess iodine is stored in your body for future use.

• Nascent iodine. This is the second best iodine supplement, and its absorption into the body is relatively faster compared to other supplements.

• Lugol’s solution iodine. This is the most effective for the prevention of breast cancer. However, it may lead to secretion of unwanted hormones.

• Potassium iodide. This is the most effective of iodine supplements for the prevention of thyroid cancer, though its absorption levels are very low.

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