Healthy Low Calorie Snacks: The Way to a Slimmer You

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Many people get hunger pangs a few hours after a meal and this could be very disturbing, especially for those who are trying to lose weight. By the time that these people arrive at the time they are to eat another meal, they are already starving, which could lead to overcompensation. Snacks that are put in between the meals will help a dieter to see things through and also help him or her to feel fuller. There are actually a lot of healthy low calorie snacks that are available for dieters to eat every time that they become hungry, and the nearest meal is still hours away.

Eating snacks in between meals helps to keep binging at bay. Binge eating is something that all dieters should avoid. Many people splurge on unhealthy foods such as junk food, candy, and a lot more, which all contribute to extra calories. Snacks will help to keep people feel full, thus avoid unnecessary eating.

healthylowcaloriesnacksHealthy Low Calorie Snacks to Keep Dieters Full

It is not a good thing to feel hungry while in between meals. The idea is to feel full all day, so that by the time that a person is to eat the next meal, he or she only eats a small portion. Ideally, medical experts say that eating small meals all throughout the day is better because people tend to eat less. Here is a list of great healthy low calorie snacks that will help to satisfy the needs of a dieter:


When talking about popcorn, this is not the typical ones that come in microwaveable pouches. Air-popped popcorn is said to be the best because they do not have oil or any type of salt. Popcorn is actually a rich source of fiber, which helps to keep people feeling full a lot longer.

2.Vegetable sticks plus cottage cheese

Cottage cheese contains very low fat and is actually a great cheese to eat for dieters. Cucumbers, celery, and carrots could be cut into sticks and dipped into the cheese for a great snack.

3.Banana-yogurt pop

Bananas are a great source of potassium. To have a cold and healthy summer snack (or for any season), take a banana and dunk it in plain yogurt. People could try rolling the yogurt-dipped bananas in coconut or walnuts and then pop it into the freezer. This is a great treat for those who are trying to find a substitute for ice cream.

4.Fresh fruit

An apple or an orange are great snacks for dieters of all ages. For those who have a sweet tooth, fruits will certainly cover the “sweet factor” that they are looking for.

Healthy Low Calorie Snacks – Healthy Fillers

People who tend to hoard various junk foods while dieting should stop doing so. Instead, they could stock up on healthy low calorie snacks. All types of junk foods are actually culprits with empty calories and an unhealthy dose of preservatives and sodium. In order to make sure that the dieters steer clear of the unwanted substances, dieters should stay away from such types of snacks, as well as know how to check food labels. This way, they could avoid foods that are considered unhealthy

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