The Benefits of Cleansing Your Colon

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The colon, also known as the large intestine, is part of the digestive system. It removes salt, water and some nutrients and in the process, forms stools to be eliminated by the body. Billions of bacteria line and cover the colon and its contents. Hence, to maintain the health of the colon, a colon cleanse is a must.

People who are interested in detoxifying often want to know what is a colon cleanse. Also called as colon therapy, colon cleanse encompasses different ways of removing toxins from the body. If colon cleanse is not done, the following can happen to your colon.

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Various medical conditions such as Diverticulosis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, Shigellosis, colon polyps, Colitis or inflammation of the colon, to name just a few.
Colon cancer – incurable and potentially fatal condition of the colon.
Diarrhea – 4 or more loose, watery, bowel movements in a day

There are several ways on how to do a colon cleanse. It could be a hospital procedure or an at home colon cleanse. These methods are so easy and doable plus the colon cleanse benefits are numerous that one should strive to make this as part of his or her lifestyle.

colon cleanse health benefitsHere are some of the ways to cleanse the colon:

1. Increase fiber in the diet. This is named as the best way to cleanse colon. Fiber is the part of the plant foods that cannot be digested. Its functions include absorbing water along the gastrointestinal tract and easing bowel movements. The more fiber you take in, the emptier or cleaner your colon becomes. If you are looking foods that are high in fiber, check out the following:
a. Fruits: Indeed, an apple a day would keep your colon doctor away. Include the peel of the apple when you eat it. Also, pears are rich in fiber that would help you expel your stool quite easily. Superfoods fruits berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries) are very rich in fiber.
b. Vegetables: Eat your greens and be healthy. Broccoli tops the list of vegetables with high fiber. Brussels sprouts can help you during the elimination of the body’s waste products. Carrots and spinach are not only delicious and nutritious but they are your colon’s friends, too.
c. Breads: Choose whole grain breads and not just any bread. White bread is considered as unhealthy.
d. Seed: Examples are quinoa, flax seeds, Chia, and amaranth. Aside from the proteins and vitamins that they have, they are also good sources of fibers.
e. Legumes and beans: Also considered as superfoods, these foods can do wonders for your colon, too.

It is recommended to have a daily intake of these foods high in fiber.

2. Increase your fluid intake. Unless you have a medical condition that prohibits you from drinking too much water, you should consume between 1500-2000 ml of water a day. Water helps loosen your stools, hence flushing them out becomes effortless.
3. Include fermented food in your diet. These foods contain bacteria that are actually beneficial for your colon. Examples of fermented foods that you should have daily are yogurt, kimchi and miso.
4. Be more active. Exercise helps improve mobility in your digestive tract, too. A simple physical activity like taking a walk daily could help in the excretion of stools. Those who live sedentary lifestyles are prone to experience constipation. The waste then accumulates and predispose them to various diseases. These people are advised to go through regular colon cleansing.
5. In the hospital, the doctor could recommend the following to cleanse the colon:
a. Laxatives. Once in a while, laxatives can help you eliminate body waste. Patients are cautioned, however, against developing dependency on these products. Continuous and prolonged use of laxatives can actually worsen the colon’s condition.
b. Enema. When one needs to have a through colon cleanse, this method is used. A bottle of liquid is pumped into the rectum to loosen the stool. Mineral oil is also taken to soften the stool. After 30 minutes of administering the enema, the patient is expected to expel all the waste from the colon.
c. Colon irrigation. This technically follows the same steps and procedures as an enema.

What are the colon cleanse benefits that you can expect?

1. The digestive system becomes more effective. As the colon is part of the digestive system, colon cleansing would ensure that the path that food and waste travel through is free from toxic bacteria. When bacteria remain in the colon for a long time, their number could increase and overwhelm the whole system. Therefore, colon cleansing is really important and necessary to keep you in good health.
2. You will feel an increase in your energy level. When your waste products remain in your colon, you feel bloated and heavy. You tend to have low energy for anything. However, when you feel light in your colon, you move easily, sleep effortlessly and have more energy.
3. Vitamins and essential minerals are absorbed more effectively. When the lining of your colon is coated with bacteria, it will be difficult to absorb the healthy nutrients. Remove the bacteria by doing a colon cleanse.
4. You experience enhanced concentration. This is related to the colon cleanse benefits in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. When the colon is free of waste accumulation, the body is able to absorb and send out the nutrients where they are needed.
5. For the weight watchers, colon cleansing helps lose weight. Reports of up to 20 pounds off have been recorded due to colon cleansing. This is because colon cleansing jumpstarts the metabolism.

6. It decreases the risk for colon cancer. It has been found that toxins and bacteria found in the waste products that are not readily eliminated can be a risk factor for development of cancer. Hence, removal of these wastes is of utmost importance.
7. Your total wellbeing is improved. From head to toe, your body would benefit from colon cleansing. You would feel light, healthy, alert, and active.

Colon cleansing has many benefits. Be free from many medical disorders just by removing those waste products from your body. Plus, enjoy a more satisfying life with a healthier colon. Do it today. Cleanse your colon now.

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