Natural Anti Inflammatory: Understanding The Causes of Inflammation

admin | June 3, 2015 | Natural Anti Inflammatory

It is best to resort to natural anti inflammatory remedies when one is dealing with small ailments so that the body doesn’t get too dependent on drugs. When it comes to dealing with inflammation, one should always keep the following things in mind:

natural anti inflammatory solutionsUnderstand your body

Look out for signs from your body regarding what are the causes of inflammation and what cause them to reduce. Sometimes, just a few changes in our habits can solve many of our ailments. So all you need is a little introspection.

Have a good intake of fruits and vegetables

Search for fruits and vegetables containing fiber and natural anti-inflammatory compounds and have them in sufficient quantities.

Below is a list of some natural anti inflammatory foods :

1) Kelp 2) Turmeric 3) Salmon 4) Shiitake Mushroom 5) Green Tea 6) Papaya 7) Blueberry 8) Extra Virgin Olive Oil 9) Broccoli 10) Sweet Potato

A word of caution – please ensure that you are not allergic to any of the above foods else it may just worsen the situation.

Make sure your diet contains essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids are very important to be present in your diet if you wish to end your inflammation woes. Fishes are a good source of fatty acids. Also, you may consider cooking in grapeseed oil or you may use olive oil for dressings.

Remove harmful foods from your diet

The things which you need to avoid are trans fats, refined carbohydrates, sugars, gluten-containing foods and other foods which contain preservatives. If you want to get fit naturally, you shall have to avoid processed food for a while.

Go through a detox program to rejuvenate your system

This is an excellent way to regulate your system and to provide your metabolism with a much needed boost.

Take plenty of rest

Rest is an effective way to fight inflammation and you might be surprised at how a good night’s rest can help you heal.

Exercise or involve yourself in some physical activity

You should keep your body healthy and flexible by exercising or by participating in some physical activities which will keep your muscles and bones active and healthy. You may also do yoga to help your body keep in shape and assist with natural anti inflammatory responses within your body.

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