Natural Anti Inflammatory Foods To Alleviate Inflammatory Ailments and Boost Your Immune System

admin | June 14, 2015 | Natural Anti Inflammatory

People suffer from a number of inflammatory ailments because they eat food that are high in cholesterol and therefore, end up damaging their joints. Fortunately there are various natural anti-inflammatory foods that they can get for themselves in order to alleviate their pain and fight their allergic reactions. Some may resort to anti-inflammatory medications like steroids or NSAIDs which is not bad, but these will only provide temporary relief. Worse, if they use these in the long run, their immunity will be weakened significantly or they may suffer from side effects. Natural anti-inflammatory foods for people contain none of the harmful chemicals that other products have and the good news is that they help fight inflammations aside from supplying them with the much needed minerals and vitamins that boosts their immune system.

natural anti inflammatory foodsThe Benefits:

Natural anti-inflammatory foods include kelp and this helps eliminate pain aside from combating tumors. Moreover, it has plenty of anti-oxidants that help control the growth of cancer cells that might affect the lungs or liver. Also, kelp’s high fiber content will make one feel full while burning fat as well. For centuries, spices have been known to cure inflammatory ailments. A good example of which is turmeric, a kind of spice often used in curry powder that is pre-mixed. The spice is non-toxic and it has similar properties with medicines like Motrin and hydrocortisone.

Foods rich in Anti-inflammatory Compounds:

Natural anti-inflammatory foods for pain sufferers also include familiar spices like ginger, which is a relative of turmeric. The good thing about this spice is that it fights the common cold and is a remedy for vomiting and motion sickness as well. Incidentally, people who love to eat wild salmon will be pleased to know that it has two omega free fatty acids that are very potent in fighting inflammation. Various studies have shown that eating this kind of fish will prevent the incidence of heart ailments and even some cancers as well as auto immune diseases. It would be advisable for people to eat wild salmon twice a week, but if they are not fond of this fish they can also try supplements made of salmon oil.

If salmon is not available, people can try other alternatives like sardines, anchovies, and mackerel that are rich in omega 3 fats. In the absence of these food products, people can also get omega 3 fats through walnuts and flaxseeds. Natural anti-inflammatory foods that the Japanese and Chinese ate can be enjoyed by people worldwide and one of this is the shiitake mushroom known for its ability to enhance the immune system and smoky taste. Tea lovers are in luck for green tea has potent compounds that also fight inflammation. Additionally, drinking this tea will reduce the risk of having cancer or heart ailments.

Supplements like Vitamin C and E will help the body’s immune system and if people will add papaya to their diet their inflammation will be reduced significantly not to mention that they will experience improved digestion. A good partner for papaya would be pineapple because it contains an enzyme that will heal any kind of injury, trauma or swelling.

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