Best Protein Shakes for Women – Weight Loss Tips

admin | June 11, 2015 | Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

best protein shakes for womenImportant thoughts on the best protein shakes for women weight loss… There is a rise in the use of protein powders in recent years. Protein powders can be found in most weight loss diets and workout routines, although they were only a domain of serious bodybuilders previously.

Women are using protein powders a lot now too. Women and men have different requirements when we talk about nutrition. You need to know whether specific protein powders are made for men or women. It is import to know the main differences between protein powders for both.

Women and men need to look for different things when they need to purchase protein powders. However, most protein powders are created with both men and women in mind. The amount of proteins that women need to consume is lower than what men need. They also come with different serving suggestions for them. Women should use 20 grams of proteins in each serving.

Less Sugars and Fats

Protein powders made for women come with less sugars and fats, less carbs and vitamins such as Vitamin B6. They also come with Iron and Folic Acid. Women need to use protein powders with protein isolates instead of concentrates. The former is absorbed faster into the body of women and has lower fats and carbs.

Watch The Sodium and Sugar

It is important for women to watch out the sodium levels of their protein shakes. Many times, manufacturers add them to increase flavour. It is essential for women to avoid consuming anything that uses flavor enhancers. Women will crave sugary foods and have a lot of hunger. Soy protein is great because it is sugar-free and has a low-GI. You do not need to think about excess in the intake of sugar. Please follow these tips to get the best protein shakes for women to lose weight.

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