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admin | May 5, 2015 | Weight Loss Foods

The idea of weight loss is very simple. Our body needs a specific calorie percentage that is used to maintain regular functions of the body. This amount of calories or energy that is the least needed for a healthy way of life is called your BMR which is Basal Metabolic Rate.Depending on gender, age, weight and height, the BMR changes from individual to individual. Moreover to it, if you want to determine the amount of calories that you need to consume per day, assess your living style. More calories are needed to active individuals. The wight loss foods we discuss in this post will help you in losing weight and make up your requirements of calorie which ensures body weight is reduced in a healthy and balanced way.


Weight Loss Foods: Understanding negative Calories

You are able to identify the best weight loss foods by getting knowledge of negative calories. Each food that you eat needs to be digestive alongiwth the process of digestion which burns calories. The foods are those that need higher calorie levels to burn than the different calories that they contain. Few of the best foods are also higher on fiber, vitamin intensive, low in salt, devoid of any preservatives and chemicals with low saturated fats.

Weight loss Foods criteria

1) Foods with high fiber:-Foods with high fiber percentage offer a feeling of satisfied. Foods with high fiber are complex sugar takes time to digest hence; hunger is not experienced by you after your meals.

2) Nutrient Based foods:-These foods offers all the vitamins and the nutrition, therefore these are considered as best foods for weights loss.

3) Foods with low sodium: – Foods with low sodium helps you staying away from water retention.

4) Natural foods – Preservative and Chemical are harmful to our body and such foods produce adverse reactions which results in obesity. Hence natural foods are very reliable.

5) Low saturated fat – Foods having low saturated fats are chosen as best weight loss foods as high saturated foods create various health problems.

Foods which Help Weight Loss

Considering above criteria, the best foods that you can get to remain healthy and slim which contains different fruits and vegetables which are oatmeal, blueberries ,apples, carrots, asparagus , cranberries, green beans , cucumber, papaya, oranges, cabbage, spinach, radishes , turnip, strawberries, Whole wheat and the list goes on and on.These weight loss foods are natural and healthy and help you in maintaining your goals of bodyweight.

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