Great Curcumin Health Benefits That You Should Know About

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Curcumin is a component of the popular spice turmeric. It is what gives this spice its yellow color. Aside from being useful as an additive to give dishes a distinct and tasty flavor, natives of Southeast Asia and India use this for medicinal purposes. This may seem like quackery at first, but scientific studies actually prove that curcumin is good for the health. It has anti-inflammatory properties and it is an antioxidant.

For this reason, it is now sold as a supplement and it is gaining popularity for its effectiveness. Here are some curcumin health benefits that you may not have heard of before, but after reading about them, you will definitely be convinced and soon would want to reap some of these benefits.

List of Benefits Of Curcumin

curcumin health benefitsAnti-Inflammatory

Most of you will associate inflammation with pain, swelling and redness. That is true for inflammation that is visible to the eyes, but inflammation happens deep in the cellular level. Since you cannot see it, you may think that nothing is wrong with your body when it is in fact causing many damages that can eventually lead to bigger problems. Inflammation is actually a body’s reaction to an attack or allergy as it tries to heal itself. The foods you eat or the substances you are exposed to can trigger this.

However, even if inflammation is necessary and important, it can be dangerous once it becomes frequent as it can lead to various diseases, like heart problems, cancer, autoimmune problems, neurodegenerative diseases, and other chronic illnesses. This is the reason why you need to take a supplement that can stop or counteract such reaction, and curcumin is very good at that.


The human body produces free radicals as a by-product of metabolism. These free radicals can damage the cells, causing them to mutate which can then lead to early aging, degeneration and diseases. Fortunately, the body also has antioxidants in it that neutralize these free radicals so that they cannot harm the cells in the body.

However, the amount of antioxidants in the body may not be enough especially if you expose yourself regularly to the harmful rays of the sun and to pollution, as these are also sources of free radicals. Plenty of foods are rich in antioxidants that can help supplement your body, but curcumin is considered a strong antioxidant and taking it as a supplement can do you a lot of good.

Slow Progress of Diabetes

A study was done on people who were diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Half of the group was given curcumin while the other half received a placebo. After nine months, 16% of those taking the placebo progressed to Diabetes type 2 while there was no such occurrence for those taking curcumin. Researches believe that this is because turmeric curcumin herbal supplement is both an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Improves Brain Function

One hormone is important for brain function. It is called the BDNF or brain-derived neurotrophic factor. This growth hormone helps in the division of neurons in the brain so that they can form new connections. People with low levels of BDNF were found to suffer from some form of neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s. Fortunately, it was found that one of curcumin health benefits is that it increases the levels of this growth hormone, thus delaying or even preventing brain diseases.

Fights Cancer

The main problem with cancer is it multiples and ravages the body, which is why the primary treatment for it focuses on killing the mutated cells so that they can stop causing any harm. Curcumin can help with this because it interferes with the pathways that mutated cells use as they grow and spread. By controlling metastasis, other cancer treatments, like radiation therapy, can work better and more effectively.

Lower your Risk for Heart Disease

When the endothelium does not function as it should, it will not be able to regulate blood pressure and that can lead to cardiovascular disease. Through various studies, though, it was found that curcumin improves endothelial function. Coupled with its ability to reduce oxidation, this just makes curcumin a great supplement for preventing heart problems.

Good for Arthritis

Curcumin’s positive effect on people suffering from arthritis can be highly attributed to its anti-inflammatory property. One thing that was proven in a study on it is that it can provide relief from pain similar to other painkillers, like Ibuprofen. Only this time, it is achievable with the help of a natural remedy.

Stomach Problems

Indians have known long ago the helpful effects of turmeric in curing indigestion, nausea and heartburn. The only difference between their method and the modern one is that they used the turmeric spice itself while people today can have it conveniently by taking curcumin supplements. Studies show that they are just as effective, so when you suffer another attack of heartburn, reach for this supplement instead.

Curcumin Supplements Side Effects

Generally, curcumin supplement is safe to use. The only known side effects are dizziness, diarrhea and nausea that are not prevalent to users. There are a few words of caution, though, as it can interact with other medications. For instance, it can increase the effectiveness of blood thinners so using this supplement on top of that can lead to bleeding.

If you have an existing gallbladder problem, it is advisable to stay away from turmeric. Those with estrogen-associated disease should also check with their doctors first as curcumin acts like an estrogen. To be sure, always consult your doctor before taking curcumin supplement or any other supplement for that matter.

As for the proper dosage, it is best to get this from your doctor as well. Although in general, one 900mg capsule is the recommended dosage. More may be required if it is intended to aid in curing certain diseases. For example, some cancer patients are advised to take about 3600mg of curcumin each day. Those with osteoarthritis can take 1000mg each day divided in two dosages. Again, for exact and proper dosage, seek your doctor’s help as your health condition and the other drugs that you are taking will be considered first.

All in all, the above curcumin health benefits prove the power of this natural spice in curing certain illnesses and improving the body’s well-being. If you want to experience these benefits, then it is time to start using this supplement and be a living proof of how a simple natural supplement can improve your overall health.

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